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Raising Hands

F A Q s

Why should  we consider specialists for Science?

  • Science, like Art or Music, is a discipline that requires the guidance and inspiration of experts.

  • Specialist can ignite the passion for science in kids. We love what we teach and we communicate that to your students.

  • We know the theory behind the simple explanations, and can provide the insights to turn stumpers and tangents into invitations to explore the world of science.

What is the difference between Quest and other Science programs?

Other science programs emphasize entertainment and fun. Quest is about imparting concepts while addressing science standards. We are about applying what we teach to the real world around us. We are about developing a scientific mindset, and inspiring future scientists!

  • Our programs provide over 90 minutes of science instruction per week

  • We supply all supporting equipment and resources for the curriculum

  • Each course consists of lab experiments and hands-on activities directed toward a specific topic. 

  • Courses correlate with the themes and objectives of the California Science Content Standards and provide choices in the three major disciplines of science—Earth, Life, Physical—as well as in Investigation & Experimentation. 

  • Courses meet or exceed recommendations  of the California Science Framework in Biological, Physical and Earth Sciences.

  • Classes are taught by Quest specialists

What is included in your courses?

What is included varies depending on your needs, but we generally provide :

  • A time-tested, standards-aligned, hands-on curriculum of 4—8 weeks in length

  • All printed materials (worksheets, homework, follow-up) and/or science journals

  • All supplies and equipment for each session

  • Materials, written detailed instructions, and correction keys for homework/follow-up activities

  • On-going communication with teachers to insure that the program is on target for grade-level and classroom needs

  • Experience, expertise, and enthusiasm!

How long are your courses?

​For public and private elementary schools:

  • Courses for the K - 1st grades are from 4 - 6 weeks long

  • Courses for the 2nd - 3rd grades are generally 6 weeks long

  • Courses for the 4th - 5th grades are from 6 - 8 weeks long

For homeschool students, we tailor our program to the students' needs and interests.

How much do your courses cost?

Our basic rate is $150 per class session. For rates for homeschoolers, please see our homeschooling page.

However, course fees depend on a number of factors. Items for consideration include

  • the size of your school

  • what grade levels you are interested in    

  • what facilities you have available

  • how many students are in each class


What standards do your courses cover?

Each course is geared toward a specific area of Science (Life, Physical, Earth, Investigation and Experimentation).


While some courses are designed to address standards across two different grade levels (e.g. 2nd and 3rd), other courses have been designed to specifically address entire blocks of standards within one grade level.

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