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Delivering quality, hands-on

science programs to kids K - 6

Quest in Science delivers science programs for Grades K – 6 in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding communities, providing in-school, weekly instruction by trained science specialists, as well as all equipment, materials and resources to support the curriculum. All of our programs address core ideas of the California Science Framework and include a complete range of topics in Life, Physical, and Earth and Space Sciences. Students who participate in our programs are learning the content and skills required to demonstrate science competency on the California Science Test (CAST).

Who We Are

Each of our specialists is a subject-matter expert and/or a highly experienced and credentialed teacher. Each specialist receives in-depth training in hands-on teaching methods and subject knowledge (as applicable)! We are a community of individuals dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge in our society--starting at the beginning! We are pioneers in the development of hands-on learning experiences that challenge students to think critically, solve problems using the scientific method, and see the relationship of science to other subjects and to real life. We have been practicing hands-on science education since 1979, long before it became a buzzword.

Our Methods

In our programs, hands-on science means teaching based on activities that engage a student’s mind and hands to make science fun, interesting, exciting and challenging. Quest in Science lessons encourage students to observe, measure, collect and analyze data, make hypotheses, and draw conclusions.   Our  student scientists learn that asking the right question is much more important than getting the "right" answers. Students participate, learn, and carry their enthusiasm home with them.

Our Mission

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