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A Sample of Our Course Offerings:

K - 1st

Weather in Our World

Living Things

Animal Habitats

Magnificent Matter

Fun With Forces


2nd - 3rd

Rock Hounds

Awesome Astronomy

The Scientific Method

  and Lab Tools

Biomes and Adaptations

Our Green World

Investigating Insects

Forces and Motion

Chemistry for Kids

Light and Energy

Simple Machines

Mysterious Magnetism

Light, Color, & Optics

4th - 6th

Junior Geology

Earth’s Dynamic Atmosphere

Forces that Shape the Earth

Physical Oceanography

The Wonderful Web of Life

Life: from Cells to Systems

Marine Biology

Electricity and Magnetism

Matter & Its Mysteries

The Heat is On

All our courses are adaptable to both California and Illinois state standards.

See something missing?  Reach out below to discuss your organization's specific needs.

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